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How Can The Vascular Experts Help Me?


Why choose an ABS Board Certified Vascular Surgeon?

Only Board Certified Vascular Surgeons:

  • Have dedicated their entire career to vascular care
  • Perform all needed evaluation and treatment options, not just a limited subset
  • Have each specifically trained on vascular care for over 7 years prior to practice
  • Have completed additional training in a Vascular Fellowship
  • Are able to deal with both simple and complicated issues


Very friendly and informative office.  I really felt that the Doctor enjoyed his work and wanted to help me.  He answered all of my questions and was very reassuring.  Overall, it was a very pleasant experience and I look forward to a good working relationship.



The Vascular Experts: Groundbreaking Clinical Trials

Venous Stent Trial

VIVO Clinical Trial (Evaluation of the Zilver® Vena™ Venous Stent in the Treatment of Symptomatic Iliofemoral Venous Outflow Obstruction)

In cooperation with Cook Medical, The Vascular Experts are pleased to be the only center in New England for this multicenter, international trial, testing the first stent specifically designed for venous disease. Three of our expert vascular surgeons are enrolling patients in this trial: Dr. Gagne, Dr. Kucher, and Dr. Bowman.  Patients qualified to participate must be over the age of 18, can have a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) or chronic swelling and leg pain.  This trial aims at getting FDA approval for this specially designed venous stent which has been used in Europe for several years.


Ulceration Trial

VIDIO Clinical Trial (Prospective, Single-arm, Multi-center, Pilot Trial of IVUS Imaging Used as an Adjunct to Multiplanar Venography During Iliac-common Femoral Vein Assessment for Possible Endovascular Intervention)

 Designed by our own Dr. Gagne, in collaboration with the well-respected medical device manufacturer, Volcano, this trial detects deep vein blockages that impede blood flow and damages legs. Dr. Gagne is the lead investigator of this multi-center trial that includes three sites in Europe and twelve sites in the United States.   The trial aims at comparing the imaging of the iliofemoral veins as seen with different imaging techniques.   This trial could lead to improved detection and treatment of iliofemoral venous disease.  Eligible patients must be between the age of 19 – 85 and either have a grossly swollen leg with calf skin discoloration or an ulcer or healed ulcer on the calf.   Six of our vascular surgeons currently have patients enrolled in this trial:  Dr. Gagne, Dr. Bowman, Dr. Kucher, Dr. Sergi, Dr. Marsan and Dr. Goldstein.


Chronic DVT Trial

ACCESS PTS Trial (ACCelerated ThrombolySiS for Post-Thrombotic Syndrome (PTS) Using EKOS)

In cooperation with EKOS Corporation, which pioneered the development and the clinical application of ultrasound accelerated thrombolysis, The Vascular Experts are pleased to be conducting this trial, which is designed to assess the efficacy of ultrasound accelerated thrombolysis using the EkoSonic Endovascular System in patients who suffer from a prior leg DVT (deep vein thrombosis or blood clot).  Many patients have suffered from a leg DVT or multiple DVTs that have blocked the main veins in their legs.  These patients are initially treated with medicines, only to suffer long-term from debilitating leg pain, in the form of heavy, achy, and swollen legs, as well as painful ulcers.  Up until recently, there was little therapy that could be offered to these patients.  New technologies and devices are becoming available that actually allow physicians to open these blood vessels that have been closed due to DVT for many years.  Dr. Gagne is currently enrolling appropriate patients in this trial.


Venous Stent System Trial

VIRTUS Trial (VIRTUS-OUS Safety and Efficacy of the Veniti Vici™ Venous Stent System (Veniti, Inc.) When Used to Treat Clinically Significant Chronic Non-malignant Obstruction of the Iliofemoral Venous Segment)

In cooperation with VENITI, Inc., the first medical device company to develop a suite of innovative technology and solutions that will provide comprehensive treatment across the venous disease continuum, The Vascular Experts are pleased to be conducting this trial, which is designed to assess the safety and efficacy of the Veniti Vici™ Venous Stent System in achieving positive outcomes in patients who are suffering from chronic venous obstruction. Such patients have either had a leg Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and are suffering the long-term effects of it, or may have other venous disease processes which are causing chronic swelling, skin discoloration and leg pain.  Dr. Gagne is currently enrolling appropriate patients in this trial.

For all trials being performed by The Vascular Experts at Southern Connecticut Vascular Center, please contact us at the link below if you have any questions or would like additional information.

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