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Physician Assistant Ann-Marie Williams joins Middletown Location

We are pleased to announce that Ann-Marie Williams, PA-C has joined The Vascular Experts of Southern Connecticut Vascular Center.

The Physician Assistant is a rapidly growing field and PAs have become an integral part of the healthcare team. They practice in collaboration with a supervising physician and can obtain histories, perform physical exams, diagnose illness, order and interpret labs tests/diagnostic tests, develop treatment plans, perform surgical procedures, assist in the operating room and write prescriptions. PAs are educated in the medical model designed to complement physician training. They take a national board examination and must log 100 continuing medical education hours every two in addition to a re-certification exam every ten years.Ann-Marie Williams

Always focused on patient care, Southern Connecticut Vascular Center considers adding a PA to our team to be is a smart decision. Consistently, PAs provide high quality care and patients are just as satisfied with medical care provided by a PA. Nearly all private payers, Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare cover medical/surgical services provided by a PA. Introducing a PA to the practice will allow patients an additional provider to see them and shorten wait times for appointments. Additionally, patients who have questions or concerns regarding their treatment plan, medications and test results can have their needs met by the PA.

Ann-Marie has been a PA since 2004 and in her career she has worked in Trauma surgery, Interventional Radiology and Vascular surgery. She brings with her, the expertise in the placement of central venous catheters under fluoroscopic guidance, management and treatment of varicose veins. She is focused on patient care and satisfaction. Her willingness to take the time to speak with patients, their family and advocate on their behalf makes her a valuable addition to our team. Her down to earth approach, kindness and honesty make her admirable to her colleagues, staff and most importantly the patients.