Sclerotherapy and Summer

The warm weather has finally arrived! You can all put away your winter gear and shed the layers as you welcome the Spring and Summer. Taking out the swimsuits, shorts and sun dresses you get the reminder of those varicose veins you have been meaning to take care of. Yes, you know what I am talking about: those bulging veins, those purple, blue and red clusters of veins. Besides the appearance of the varicose veins, they can sometimes cause burning, throbbing and itching. You are doing your best to get back into shape for the summer, isn’t it time for a new you, with new legs?


Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are common, three out of ten people have them. It’s the gift that keeps on giving that you got from someone in your family. I remember as a young child pressing on my mother’s purple squiggly veins making them disappear and then giggle as they came back. It’s one thing to notice them yourself but when someone comments on them it makes you feel even more self conscious! Getting some color on the legs helps to minimize the appearance of the varicose veins but it does nothing for the symptoms. Those symptoms can include: throbbing, aching, itching and a burning sensation. So what’s the solution?

The key is to find a board certified expert who can listen to your story, take a look at your legs and decide what needs to be done. Don’t hesitate to ask how long have they been taking care of veins and what are their outcomes. In most cases, an ultrasound of your legs will be done. The usual ultrasound looks for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or in simple terms a blood clot. What you need is a special ultrasound that looks at the other veins and checks to see how they are working. This will help decide what you may need to have done. From there many treatment plans can be tailored to meet your needs.

My specialty is sclerotherapy. This is the treatment of small superficial varicose veins. I use a small, very small needle to inject a medication into the varicose vein that changes the inside lining of vein and then it can no longer do transport blood. The process is a metamorphosis and in the end the varicose vein disappears.

So, are ready to begin your journey and take the first step together!


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Ann-Marie Williams, PA-C


Ann-Marie Williams, PA-C is a Board Certified Physician Assistant at The Vascular Experts, where she specializes in in the placement of central venous access catheters, image guided procedures and sclerotherapy. Her particular areas of interest is venous disease.  Read more»

Ann-Marie Williams practices at the Westbrook  and Middletown offices of The Vascular Experts.