Clinical Trials


Previous Clinical Trials

  • VIEW (Varithena) Wound Healing
  • VIVO Clinical Study (Venous Stent) Deep Vein Disease
  • VIDIO (Imaging Study) Deep Vein Disease
  • ACCESS PTS (EkoSonic Endovascular System) Chronic DVT
  • VIRTUS (Veniti Vici Venous Stent) Deep Vein Disease
  • Phoenix Registry (Phoenix Atherectomy System) PAD
  • PIVOT Sensation Trial (Pivot) Blood Draw Device
  • VERNACULAR (Venovo Venous Stent) Deep Vein Disease
  • RANGER II (RANGER Paclitaxel Coated Balloon) PAD
  • REVEAL (Revolution Peripheral Atherectomy System) PAD
  • VICARES (ClariVein) Incompetent Saphenous Veins Due to Venous Reflux
  • ABRE (ABRE Venous Self-Expanding Stent System) Deep Vein Disease
  • ENFORCER (ENFORCER Balloon) Stenosis of AV Dialysis Access Circuit Fistula
  • Evaluation of Wallstent Patency and Complications (Wallstent) Deep Vein Disease
  • Retrospective Clinical Experience with Cook Zilver PTX Drug-Eluting Stent (Zilver PTX Drug-Eluting Stent) PAD
  • Chocolate Touch (Drug Coated Balloon) PAD

Frequently Asked Questions

Whom can I contact if I have questions regarding a patient I want to refer?
Clinical Trials Team – (203) 956-6834

Will I have access to information/data you collect on my patient?
You will have access to any information collected in the patients medical file regarding procedures and follow-up assessments by the treating physician, you will not have access to study specific documents such as patient questionnaires or patient logs.

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