A Human Acellular Vessel, or HAV, is a new type of graft that is being investigated in research studies for adults with kidney disease on hemodialysis.

How does the HAV work?

  • The HAV is surgically placed in the arm, just like a plastic dialysis graft.
  • Early studies suggest that the body’s cells move into the HAV and grow so it becomes more like a natural blood vessel.

Who may qualify?

  • Subjects with ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease), who are candidates for an autologous AV fistula implantation or implantation of AV graft for hemodialysis access.
  • Subjects currently undergoing dialysis using a catheter and plan to undergo hemodialysis at a dialysis unit for at least the first 6 months after study access creation.
  • Suitable anatomy for creation of an AV fistula or implantation of straight or looped graft in either the forearm or upper arm (not crossing the elbow).

The potential benefits of the HAV over an arteriovenous fistula are that it may involve a lower risk of infection and enable hemodialysis to be performed earlier.

If you have questions or would like to see if your patient qualifies for this clinical study, contact:

Maria Myslinski, RN or Matthew Bizak, RN
Phone: 203-956-6834

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